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Soundbar for Classroom, Meeting rooms or Home with Bluetooth, FM radio, USB, SD Card and 2x mini Jack inputs and bass output
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EA125 Sound bar EA125 Sound bar


High performance, low cost, 40 watt Soundbar for Classroom, Meeting rooms, at Home or any application to boost sound levels for touchscreen and TV with Bluetooth, FM Radio, SD Card, USB,  and 2x mini Jack inputs, IR remote control and manual controls for media player with sub-woofer output connection

Includes Bluetooth player, FM Radio, USB input in addition to normal audio 3.5mm mini Jack connection  and Sub-wwoofer output at the rear.

Play music direct from iPhone or smartphone, PC, Laptop or tablet

Supplied with Remote control, Aux Mini Jack-Mini jack input cable and wall brackets but can be desk mounted too, RCA- Mini Jack cable  for connection to a PC, mobile or other inputs

Supplied with classroom safe steel grilles - steel grilles are supplied as normal for classroom use as added protection from damage by pupils other options include HDMI input and Sub-woofers are available

EA125 Soundbar
2x 20 Watt with 4x 2" drivers, Bluetooth player, SD Card player, USB input in addition to two audio min Jack connections

Output levels (Pink Noise Sound Pressure Level dBA at 1metre):

  • AUX mini jack input  :95.5 dBA 
  • TV mini jack Input : 97.5
  • USB input  : 100.50 dBA
  • Bluetooth input : 97.0 dBA

Sub-Woofer for the Soundbar (option)

6.5"  40 Watt sub-woofer with built-in power supply

Cables :

  • 5m mini jack - mini jack
  • 5m mini jack - RCA
  • 1.2m power cord


Dimensions :

Soundbar 820x70x70mm deep (weight 1.72 kg)

Sub-woofer (option) 343x310x200mm deep