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EA015 40 Watt or 80 Watt Classroom Speaker with Bluetooth, Volume Bass & Treble controls
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EA015 80W BT with wall mountEA015 80W BT with wall mount


EA015 40 Watt or 80 Watt Wall mounted Active Classroom Speaker - amplifier and speaker system, ideal amplifier for classroom and meeting rooms, easily fits either side of touchscreen or interactive whiteboard with Bluetooth and Volume, Bass and Treble controls


EA015 01


EA015 80 BT C


Classroom speaker designed for pupils to create correct sound levels and frequency range for the speech of the teacher to aid learning ability.Safety features are enhanced to prevent damage to the equipment and pupils using steel grille and secure wall brackets.The product has Bluetooth two RCA inputs for PC and other device so that the teacher does not have to change the cables when using different equipment. Hi and Lo impedance inputs cater for different device output levels for PC and outputs for other devices. The volume control is front mounted together with a power on/off switch that complies with latest CE directives.With wired remote control it's important toturn off the amplifier after use or the wired remote will pick up interference if the input device is still connected (hum)




Nominal 20 Watt or 40 Watt per speaker,Steel grille and secure wall mounted fittings for classroom use,Bluetooth, SD card and 2 Audio Inputs one each for PC and DVD Side mounted Volume, Bass and Treble Control,IR remote control or wired remote control with high impedance input for mobile phone input Supplied with wall brackets and screws or 'C' bracket (variable angle bracket)Complete with cables for remote satellite speaker and 2 audio inputs

EA015 03





Nominal 2x 20 watt or 2x 40 Wwatt amplifier with Sound Pressure Level of 92 dBA at 1m and 77 dBA at 6 metres (back of classroom) twice the loudness of some lookalike models or 80 Watt 105 dBA at 1 m for extra large class rooms


EA015 044

EA015 40 Watt Bluetooth with Wired remote control wall bracket and EU plug = 0110015-40 BT W EU

EA015 80 watt Bluetooth with IR remote control, C bracket and UK adaptor = 0110015-80 BT IR C UK

Additional letters denote options

40 = 40 watts

80 = 80 watts

W = Wired remote control

IR = IR remote control

C = 'C' Bracket adjustable wall mount

EU = Europlug

UK = Europlug with UK adaptor

Active speaker
Passive satellite speaker
Remote control
1x 5 metre RCA to Raw end speaker cable, cable wires black and black with white stripe with Black mini-jack connector
1x 3 metre PC audio cable with black 3.5mm mini jack connector at remote end and Red & White RCA connectors at amplifier end
1x 3 metre PC audio cable with Red & White RCA at remote end and Red & White RCA connectors at amplifier end
1x 1.8 metre Mains power lead fitted with a figure 8 to moulded Europlug
1x EU to UK mains adaptor
User manual

Size of Carton

380x200x320 mm

Qty per carton

1 per carton

Net weight

5 Kg

Gross weight

5.9 Kg

20” Container load


40” Container load


40” HQ Container load




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