Unique 40 watt Bluetooth Soundbar that splits into two to make a single soundbar or two separate speakers - the ultimate solution for touchscreens. TVs or displays






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Standard looking Soundbar with wall mounts or use free standing on a desk or table or above or below a display, TV or monitor.

Stereo 40 watts is the perfect match at 92 dBA for a standard classroom, meeting rooms or home theatre etc or with the table stands placed vertically alomgside aa TV or monitor



EA16136 2



wall mounted option

It's best trick is that it splits into two to make two separate stereo spreakers that can also be wall mounted either side of a screen








channel 2.0CH
Output power 20W*2=40W
THD ≤10%
Frequency Response 20Hz-16kHz
S/N ≥80db
Power AC~110-240V, 50/60Hz
Speaker Driver 4x2"
impedance 4ohm
Display LED8 Display
Ataptor 18V 2A
input(function) USB/TF card/3.5mm/Bluetooth 5.0/optical
size jointed together:(W)946*(H60*(D)60mm split:W473*D60*H60MM
remote control
1.5M Audio calble
Adaptor,wall mount screw, stand pad
1.5M Left and right connect cable and 60mm left and right connect cable

EA161 Datasheet

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