Edis audio visual products can be bought direct from us in full or part container loads or you can buy from other importer distributors who stock Edis products for re-distribution if you require smaller quantities. 

If you don't find the product you want from your local importer/distributor contact us to find the details of your nearest Edis audio video stockist

Call our sales staff or send us an email for sales, product or technical queries or try our Support for technical information, manuals and datasheets etc in a form you can send to your customers.

Join our mail lists to keep up to date and visit our Blog, RSS feeds Twitter and LinkedIn social networks. Use the Support for selling tips, datasheets and manuals etc

see also Edis Education.com our community site for the interactive classroom

Banking and Payments

Payment for Audio Visual and other goods by electronic banking

We use electronic banking services to provide fast and efficient transmission of funds.

Telegraphic Transfer direct to our account is the most effective means of payment which enables details of all transactions to be checked by us on-line 24 hours per day

Telegraphic transfer ensures secure and fast payment for your Audio Visual equipment and IT products

We also accept payment by Paypal and in the UK credit card payments are accepted online 

 HSBC3santander logo

...electronic payment for your audio visual products


Communicate with ex-patriate engineers

Our engineers in China design, develop and control our audio visual products in complance with ISO 9000:2008

We have experienced ex-patriate and Chinese staff in China who are well versed in the "Chinese way" of doing business

Our International sales office and offices in China are in daily contact so that we communicate with you efficiently and effectively.

...engineers who understand you, audio visual products and the culture in China


Standard Container Sizes

Standard Container Sizes

Although the dimensions are representative of the international standards, there can be variations.

Please check with us for size and availability before making any crucial decisions

online calculator


Currency conversion for Audio Visual Imports from China

Most Chinese producers incur costs wholly in Chinese Yuan (often called RMB or Ren Min Bi ). Until 2006 the Yuan was pegged to the US Dollar but is now "floating" against a basket of currencies, with Central Government limiting daily movements.

However payment in US Dollars is still the norm for Export trade from China.

An indication of Exchange rate movements and current Exchange rates can be seen against the US$, Sterling and the Euro by clicking the Icons below

Sterling Exchange rates website     US Dollar Exchange rate website     Euro Exchange rate website

...try these links for useful currency conversion


Holidays and weather conditions that may affect audio visual deliveries from China

Whilst the National holiday period specified for these events may be shown as only 1 to 3 days - Chinese New Year can result in nearly one months holiday when migrant factory workers go home to rural areas.

New Year January 1st - 1 day
Chinese New Year February (Lunar) - 3 days
Labour Day May 1st - 1 day
Qing Ming April (Lunar) - 1 day
Dragon Boat Festival June (Lunar) - 1 day
Mid-Autumn Festival September (Lunar) -1 day
National Day October 1st - 3 days

Severe Weather conditions in China

Typhoons can affect delivery in South China of which there are usually 7 or 8 per year. Most have little or no effect but occasionaly the effects are exceptionally severe and prevent movements of goods and shipping. Click either of the logos below for the latest severe weather news and warnings

Tropical Storm Tracker

be aware of delays caused by holidays and severe weather in China

Full design, manufacture and quality assurance

Edis provides full technical and sales support for all audio visual products and services

We design and develop audio visual products, arrange testing, certification and approvals, create and control specifications, drawings and samples.

We conduct pre-production tests, in-process, post manufacture and pre-shipment inspections and tests for all our audio visual products.

We deal with all commercial aspects including payment, clearance, exporting and shipping your goods.

As a distributor of Edis audio visual products you will also have ongoing sales and technical support dealing with warranty issues or shortages and end user issues

Sales and technical support is provided throughout:

  • Datasheets
  • Audio Visual Product support site - Edis Wiki
  • Samples for your sales teams
  • Website and catalogue photos and copy
  • Technical help and support for your sales team and your customers
  • Training for sales staff (where possible)


Insure your audio visual purchases against damage or loss

Whilst we can offer a range of shipping options the normal situation with ex-works/FOB supply will require you to arrange your own Marine Cargo Insurance from the factory to your own premises.

"All Risks" insurance protects against physical loss or damage to cargo from external causes, subject to policy terms and conditions.

Your insurance company or broker will be able to give details of exactly what cover is the most appropriate for your business needs

For details of MSC Napoli disaster - Jan 2007 Click here

Sustainable and ethical

Audio visual and IT products made to sustainable, ethical and fair trade standards

We source products with sustainable materials wherever possible and which comply with the principles of Fair Trade practices

In Hong Kong, the Chief Executive made it clear ... every citizen, every business, every Government Department and Bureau needs to start working in partnership to achieve sustainable development.

Audio visual and IT products from China sustainable materials
Whilst our products do not fall into the categories of the accreditation systems administered by the Fairtrade Foundation we wholly subscribe to and endorse these policies Audio visual and IT products from China - Fair Trade practices
We implement our best efforts to avoid trading and sourcing wood or wood fiber from non-sustainable sources and to purchase all wood based products from Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified sources wherever possible.
We operate a policy of continual improvement regarding environmental issues. Click here to see our environmental policy statement

Seafreight Transit Time

Container Shipping Transit Times

This online calculator from Sea Rates site provides a useful guide to shipping times from different ports around the world. Most of our shipments are from Yantian a major port on the Hong Kong - Shenzhen border in China

Typical Transit times

Country Port Transit Time (Days)
Australia Sydney



Rio de Janeiro


Europe Felixstowe, Rotterdam, Le Havre


South Africa Durban


Spain Barcelona


USA San Francisco


Click thisShipping transit time calculator link for shipping times

..useful guide to Shipping Transit Times


Audio visual equipment shipped direct to you from China

We raise the necessary documentation ourselves, deal with inland transport, export clearance formalities, certification, tax, duties and licenses and arrange the necessary payments etc.

Unlike many general shipping agents, we are based in China and have the specialised knowledge and experience to ensure that your audio visual equipment and other goods are shipped to you direct in the most cost effective and time efficient way

When the container arrives at its destination port it is a matter of choice whether you clear it through customs and arrange delivery or whether you ask us to do this for you.

Airfreight may only take a week to most destinations but this depends on flights and clearance formalities

Import Finance

trading internationally masthead L

Trade Finance is a way of funding the purchase of finished goods from overseas suppliers for resale either here in the UK or for onward export. It is an alternative to import loans, credit cards and overdrafts as it bridges the cashflow gap between paying suppliers and receiving payment from customers. When used in conjunction with invoice finance it can considerably shrink the cash flow gap and help maintain the level of working capital you hold for other investment.

More experienced users of Trade Finance are able to negotiate the best terms with any supplier much more easily because they have the right funding partner - giving them the confidence to be able to fulfill not only existing orders, but go out and chase new ones. For your business, Trade Finance will open doors to new opportunities.



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