Care Home Solutions

Care Home systems that enable care home residents and visitors to communicate better with you, your staff and their friends and families quickly and easily to improve their experience of care and related services.

Touchscreen Table 06

Touchscreen Table

55", 65" or 75" touchscreen tables with LG touchscreen. ...

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Activity Tablet for Care Home Residents

24", 27" or 32" Android Tablet with WiFi and adjustable ...

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Staff Mobile phone (Samsung)

Smart Liberty Care Home Solutions

Residential Care Home devices and systems

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4K 10 point Touchscreens 03

4K 10 point Touchscreens

Full range of 43" to 98 " 10 point 4k Touchscreens with ...

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EC92 Electrostatic Air Purifier09 -logo

EC92 Electrostatic Air Purifier

Home and Office Air Purifier 5 filters with UV

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