Speaker Phones

USB, Wireless and Bluetooth Speaker Phones for exceptional sound reproduction for meetings used with our range of PTZ Cameras and Webcams

EC104 01

EC104 Bluetooth Speaker Phone

360 degree Microphone and Speaker system

Product details
KS-G1S (3)-800

Wireless Single Speaker phone

Single wireless speaker phone with USB receiver

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Wireless Daisychain Dual Speakerphone05

Wireless Daisychain Dual Speakerphone

2x Daisychained Wireless Speakerphones with USB receiver

Product details
KS-G3B-13M 800

Conference Wireless Soundbar with 3x desktop mics

Conference speakerphone Soundbar with up to 3 expansion mics

Product details
USB  wired speakerphone microphone with speaker 01

EC183 BT Speakerphone with/without expansion mics 8 hour battery

BT and USB speakerphone with 4m radius plus expansion mics ...

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