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Indoor and outdoor IP65 Interactive "All in One" and multiple vprojectors for :

 Schools - Enhance learning, team building and multi pupil games. Interactive Games for learning, activities for kids and business enhancing.. Keep boredom at bay and transform your floor into a multiplayer interactive playground. Get those kids moving, grooving and jumping!

Malls & Shopping centres - To boost family shopping, build an interactive children play area at your mall.

Motorway services & Railway stations -Welcoming and retaining families during their motorway journey by getting the whole family out of the car and onsite.

Indoor play areas & Leisure parks - Give your indoor playground a new dimension with a fully interactive, active and attractive digital space!

Public places and establishments - Welcome families with fun and educational game play experiences.

Hospitals & Healthcare providers - A playful and digital kids corner in the heart of your health facility: an active ingredient to manage family waiting and stress.

Pharmacies & Opticians - The cure to better manage waiting times within in your facility? An  interactive and recreational play corner!

Stores & Points of sale - Becoming more than just a store by creating a customer experience that will drive new traffic and increase repeat custom. Reducing basket abandonment and managing ques with digital attractions.

Hotels & Resorts - Shaping your hotel into a leading-edge digital destination with top of the range activities to enthrall and engage young guests. When children are happy parents can relax, positively influencing spend behaviour and guest satisfaction.

Restaurants & Fast-Food - Create a unique and lasting experience by welcoming and catering for your customers children, resulting in a positive change to spend behaviour and an increase in repeat customers.

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"All in One " Interactive Indoor Projectors

Complete solution for interactive games and learning for ...

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Mobile interactive indoor projector 02

EP56 Mobile interactive projector

"All in One" fully mobile interactive projecor with ...

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Interactive Games

Interactive games for every type of projector installation ...

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EP59-5500 lumen Indoor laser Interactive Projector 01

EP59-5500 lumen Indoor laser Interactive Projector

High brightness laser projector with sepoarate PC ...

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