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Modular LED Displays Market Doubles with Cost Reductions


Modular LED Display Market Prediction 2

The Global LED Modular Display Market size is expected to reach $11 billion by 2026, rising at a market growth rate of 13.4%. A modular LED display cabinet is an autonomous unit that can be combined to make a more complicated structure, for example, a total LED display or sign.

There are many advantages of building displays with modular cabinets, for example, increased productivity, better quality, more reliable assembly, faster lead times, and higher design flexibility to effortlessly create smaller signs or huge spectacular displays. The modular designs are additionally bezel-free and fit together consistently like Lego pieces, offering boundless designs and simple installation.

Manufacturing efficiencies are decreasing costs of modular displays for a wider variety of projects, which results in a greater adoption of LED Display technology as more customers experience a faster ROI.

PTZ Cameras - Uses, Tips and Support

What is a PTZ Camera?

B29 022PTZ is an acronym for a ‘pan tilt zoom’ camera. They are cameras that can swivel left and right, tilt up and down, and zoom in and out. Unlike a traditional camera which needs an operator positioned next to each camera, a PTZ camera is designed to be controlled at a distance. Because of their simple operation, a single camera operator can control multiple cameras, whether the units are positioned on tripods, mounted to the ceiling or on a wall.

What are PTZ cameras used for?

PTZ cameras were developed for use in surveillance and CCTV, and they are still the backbone of the security industry. However, PTZ cameras have now been developed for professional content creation. This field for PTZ cameras is experiencing dramatic growth. PTZ cameras can shoot very high-quality HD and 4K video with accurate colours and low noise performance, they are now used extensively in the AV, broadcast and commercial sectors to replace traditional cameras.

1080P LED Portable Projector

1080P LCD Portable Projector 06

8 ways Edis and you benefit from UKAS ISO 9001-2015 Accreditation

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I'm really proud to announce our UKAS accreditation to ISO 9001-2015 and an amazing 100% pass without any non-conformances, a very fine performance by our team at Edis AV providing a superb attention to detail that makes Edis a Quality performer . The BAB auditor reported that "The Management Systems are very well structured which is a point of particular excellence"

I'm also more than pleased that ISO 9001 accreditation benefits are passed on to you through  

  • Higher quality of our products and services;
  • Improved customer satisfaction;
  • Competitive edge over non-certified competitors particularly in Government and Corporate sectors;
  • Increased opportunity for market growth;
  • Greater quality awareness and extended product life;
  • Improved customer loyalty;
  • Well maintained documentation;
  • Continuous drive to improve service and reduce costs.

 Hoping you can enjoy these benefits and cash in on the advantages

David Edis-Bates Managing Director , Edis AV Ltd 

Kill Covid-19 with Edis Air Purifiers in Classrooms & Offices


LCD "Frameless" monitors

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We've updated our desk and wall monitors to latest "Frameless" technology but also far better pricing that really makes them stand out

360 Auto Rotate and Vertical Tracking Mobile Phone holder

Mobile phone stand 900 C

Automatic rotational tracking mobile phone stand with 360° real-time horizontal tracking and 45° automatic vertical tracking. Built-in automatic face tracking, dual axis head drive, with wide-angle camera, automatically captures face and follows your face movement in whatever position - it will always follow you.

Wifi and Wired Pro-Conferencing Systems

WiFi Conferencing

The Edis WiFi speakerphone conferencing system and the Wire version are large scale professional conference systems with individual speakerphone units for up to 300 speakerphones with full voting systems and online conferencing.

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