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CO2 in Classrooms and Offices affects Performance !

CO2 in classroom 900

Recent research shows that poor air quality in classrooms and offices particularly high CO2 concentrations affects learning and performance abilities

By simply measuring air quality in a room with a simple low cost tester with an alarm that warns when fresh air needs to be circulated, as poor air builds up during the day, performance can be restored !

The Edis ET102 is a hand held portable air quality tester that simultaneously monitors, displays and gives audible alarm for 5 air quality criteria : the concentration of CO2, Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC), formaldehyde (HCHO), temperature, and humidity in the environment.

Bluetooth Splittable Two Part Soundbar

EA161 900

Unique 40 watt and 80 watt Bluetooth Soundbar that splits into two to make a single soundbar or two separate speakers - the ultimate solution for touchscreens. TVs or displays

Gotoview Remote house Walk Through saves valuable time for Estate Agents

new mEeRY DQ

We are really thrilled that New buyers can see their new house with Virtual Walk Through using our EM1000 All-in-One huddlecamera now 

Visiting properties during the Covid crisis is a major headache with restricted access and resultant difficulties in completing sales. Using Nichecom GotoView wasted visits can be avoided and new buyers can focus on properties for a physical tour

Richard Donaldson Managing Director of Pacific Computers UK says that they have been approached by Nichecom one of the UK抯 leading property marketing companies to the Estate Agent market to use the Edis EM1000 All-in-One tracking camera for professional walk throughs

The Edis EM1000 All-in-One Huddle Videobar with microphone, speakers and tracking are becoming the favourite simple plug and go choice to overcome the problems of many physical visits and house walk throughs

Edis Complete Range of Convene Conferencing Systems now in Stock

Con Large Meetng001

Get on line and send Wendy your case studies


We are very pleased to welcome Wendy Zhou to our Digital Marketing Team. Wendy will be instrumental in promoting case studies of our resellers and integrators on all our Digital Marketing platforms



Got No Strings on our Convene Systens

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A Congregation Increased to more than 2,000 with Live Streaming

2000 Churches

The congregation at the Holy Name Catholic Church Jesmond on Tyneside has increased incredibly to more than 2,000 since Live Streaming was introduced by Clockwork AV using Edis PTZ cameras

" although our parish groups cannot meet physically, you can keep in touch with our parish by visiting the Newsletter,Blog and Video pages which are updated regularly. Suggestions for items to be included are welcome "  Canon (Fr) Michael Campion

If you have similar case studies and would like to join us in promoting installations in Houses of Worship or would just like to be added to our list of integrators involved in promoting Live Streaming technology please contact us 

7 ways Educators can overcome Covid issues in class and remotely

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