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100W Portable indoor/outdoor speaker IPX4 rated with Wireless Mics

IPX4 100watt speaker

Very popular at Schools for indoor and outdoor events due to rugged portable design, wireless microphones and the ability to network several speakers together around the audience.

Split-screen systems

LED Split Screen Displays

Large format LED split screen displays provide stable streamed information for control rooms and high resolution and high brighness for presentations and teaching environments - complete with video controllers etc.



Interactive Wall and Floor Games entertain and attract families

Interactive projectors Banner

All-in-One interactive fixed and mobile projectors, easy to setup supplied with games software configured for wall or floor, indoor or outdoor.

See our range of equipment and interactive games software pre-configured with on-going support and bring the world to life for your audience in a flash.

Schools, Malls & Shopping centres, Motorway services & Railway stations, Indoor and outdoor play areas & Leisure parks, Hospitals & Healthcare providers, Pharmacies & Opticians, Hotels & Resorts, Restaurants & Fast-Food all welcome and attract families with fun and educational game play experiences.

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Get our All-in-One projector pricelist now with games included !

Reduce your warehouse/office electricity bill to zero & avoid blackouts

The Edis Group has been going for more than 20 years now, specialising in the design of electronics and IT technologies and has very close relationships with our factories that supply these products around the world.

We have recently broadened our horizons with a new Solar Power Division after one of our customers requested us to help them source a Hybrid Solar Power system so that they could stop paying the enormous £3,000 a month that they were paying for electricity for their relatively small offices and warehouse.

The hybrid system is well proven, very simple to install and housed in 2 equipment racks including the Lithium batteries so takes up minimum space. Our customer will not only stop paying for electricity from the grid and will recover their investment within 18 months, they now can sell excess electricity back to the grid at weekends.

If this sounds good to you and you have a similar need to stop excessive electricity payments and blackouts threatened for your office/warehouse then let's chat as we now have the solution.


Solar Power

We would be very pleased to quote you for a solar power solution, expected savings and payback period for for a Hybrid Solar Power System for your offices/warehouse.

We would just need your electricity usage (copy of a typical electricity bill) to give you a price for solar power equipment that would reduce your electricty costs to zero.

We can very simply create a quote from :

  • Total electricity used (Kwh per month or quarter)
  • Daytime Kwh
  • Night time Kwh

The system would need to be installed on a roof or at ground level.

We can respond quickly so that you take advantage of reduced cost and protect XYZ Company from the rumoured "Blackouts" expected this winter.

Manage Blackouts at Home & Work this Winter


Official UK Government documents reveal a plan for UK households to have three-hour blackouts at least three times a week this winter.

The lowest level of rolling blackouts is a three-hour-power cut on three days a week typically

  • Monday 12:30am to 3:30am,
  • Wednesday 3:30pm to 6:30pm and on
  • Sunday 12:30am to 3:30am
Long lasting Automatic Emergency LED lights on walls or tables designed to last for more than 5 hours (not just 3 hours like many others) will make your home and workplace bright and light and a safe place to be.


Hybrid mobile battery backup systems provide basic power during the blackouts and recharge when power returns.

These low cost 3kwh and 5kwh Edis solutions operate lights, TV, computers and essential medical or other similar equipment.

Home, office, hospitals, care homes and many other locations will benefit from emergency blackout solutions this winter, don't leave it too late !

Modular LED Displays Market Doubles with Cost Reductions


Modular LED Display Market Prediction 2

The Global LED Modular Display Market size is expected to reach $11 billion by 2026, rising at a market growth rate of 13.4%. A modular LED display cabinet is an autonomous unit that can be combined to make a more complicated structure, for example, a total LED display or sign.

There are many advantages of building displays with modular cabinets, for example, increased productivity, better quality, more reliable assembly, faster lead times, and higher design flexibility to effortlessly create smaller signs or huge spectacular displays. The modular designs are additionally bezel-free and fit together consistently like Lego pieces, offering boundless designs and simple installation.

Manufacturing efficiencies are decreasing costs of modular displays for a wider variety of projects, which results in a greater adoption of LED Display technology as more customers experience a faster ROI.

PTZ Cameras - Uses, Tips and Support

What is a PTZ Camera?

B29 022PTZ is an acronym for a ‘pan tilt zoom’ camera. They are cameras that can swivel left and right, tilt up and down, and zoom in and out. Unlike a traditional camera which needs an operator positioned next to each camera, a PTZ camera is designed to be controlled at a distance. Because of their simple operation, a single camera operator can control multiple cameras, whether the units are positioned on tripods, mounted to the ceiling or on a wall.

What are PTZ cameras used for?

PTZ cameras were developed for use in surveillance and CCTV, and they are still the backbone of the security industry. However, PTZ cameras have now been developed for professional content creation. This field for PTZ cameras is experiencing dramatic growth. PTZ cameras can shoot very high-quality HD and 4K video with accurate colours and low noise performance, they are now used extensively in the AV, broadcast and commercial sectors to replace traditional cameras.

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