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Martin Hillier Joins Edis AV Technical Sales Support Team

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We are thrilled and very pleased to have Martin Hillier join us at Edis AV

Martin's skills enable us to provide demonstrations, training, technical support for our Conference Systems and PTZ Cameras and answer queries about products and installations either by phone, online Teams discussions or by visiting your sales, design or installation teams to make sure that you get the very best service from us for our wide range of conferencing products

New Desk Stand for EC83 Webcams and others

EC83 Desk Support

Deskstand with 1/4 inch camera mount and clamp for webcams, mobile phones and cameras. Put your camera just where you need it for that best picture during conference calls if the top of your monitor is not the most suitable placing

New Range of Bluetooth Earbuds

Bluetooth Earbuds 3

See our great new range of Bluetooth Earbuds in colours and styles of your choice for music, gaming and communications

Amazing Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headset

Bone Conduction 2

Choose our EC140 Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headset especially if you hate covering or embedding earbuds in your ears

The EC140 sit along your cheekbone and push vibrations through, directly to the inner ear. This creates some of the richest sound you’ll hear, while also allowing you to listen to the sounds of the real-world – amazing for traffic dodging cycle runs.

Due to their headband construction and bone conduction tech, you’ll have no need to push buds into your ears again. This means you’re done with the days of your earpods falling out, or struggling to get the perfect fit. As you’d expect from such a technological marvel, these are entirely wireless, and work on Bluetooth, allowing you to concentrate on going about your day without the trip hazard of standard wired headphones.

They also boast internal microphones, meaning you’ll get all the great functions associated with your traditional headphones, such as great sound and the ability to make calls on the go. So, without further ado, welcome to the 22nd century!

4k Auto Tracking PTZ Video Camera for Huddle Meetings

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4k PTZ Video Camera with Auto-tracking, autoframing, and remote control, beam forming microphones with speakers just connect with USB and setup your meeting as easy as Plug & Play

Click here for full details

Conference PTZ Cameras and Speaker Phones

Conference Cameras

We have a wide range of more than 20 PTZ Cameras and end point units supported by Speaker Phones and Controllers with all the necessary accessories like ceilling and wall brackets 


Health & Wellbeing Products


We have quite a range of Health & Wellbeing products now click the picture to see our full range 


Protect you and your Keyboard with a Silicone Cover

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In todays environment having a waterproof and dustproof washable cover on your keyboard is superb protection from the risks of infection

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