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Edis at Hong Kong Electronics Fair - 14th October

David Edis-Bates will be attending the Electronics fair in Hong Kong on 14th October - if you plan to be there and would like to meet up please email me or call me on my mobile at the show 00(1) 86 13922082500

I very much look forward to seeing you - if at all possible

New 80 Watt Active Speakers from Edis


In-wall Amplifier with VGA, USB and HDMI


School hall speaker systems - the simple choice


EA014 Classroom Speakers now have USB Audio input

EA014USBRemoteUpdated design for EA014 - The EA014 Interactive Whiteboard speakers now have a USB Audio input so that iPods and media players can play direct into the amplifier without going through a PC - as requested by many customers - and an SD card slot to play your own media selection

and we've updated the design to meet the new CE directives covering standby currents etc more details of the EA014 here ...

Touchscreens meet Androids in the Classroom

tablet-being-used-500Learning has got really exciting bringing the thrill of gaming and fully interactive devices into the classroom with cloud type access to on-line learning and a myriad of teaching apps using latest Android technology for touchscreens and low cost tablets

See full article here ...

Edis EA1144 50 Watt Sound Reinforcement Amplifier

50 Watt Sound reinforcement amplifierThe EA1144 50 Watt Amplifier with infrared microphones, and with two audio inputs provides a total solution for classroom sound and overcomes the problem of interference between systems in adjacent classrooms that are suffered by VHF wireless systems - a complete classroom or meeting room sound re-enforcement system