USB BT Sound 450

Desktop speakers and soundbars to enhance one to one or meeting room conferences

EA129 01

EA129 10 watt USB mini Speaker

2x5 watt USB mini Desktop Speaker

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EA130 10W Desktop mini Soundbar

2x5 watt USB powered mini Soundbar Speaker

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EA133 02

EA133 5 Watt USB Desktop Speakers

2x 2.5 Watt USB Desktop speakers

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Solar Battery Bank 011

Solar Battery Bank

26,800 mAh Solar powered battery bank for Laptop and ...

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EA164 Bluetooth Portable Mini Speaker01

EA164 Bluetooth Portable Mini Speaker

Portable mini speaker for Bleutooth connection to PC, ...

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EA165 03

EA165 Bluetooth portable mini stereo speaker

Dual speakers, 360 degree stereo, U disk, TF card, FM ...

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EA166 Bluetooth Car Speakerphone036

EA166 Bluetooth Car Speakerphone

Fully automatic B T sound system for hands fre operation of ...

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