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The Convene - our video conferencing solution flexible enough to meet the needs of any conference room.

The high quality USB PTZ Camera is equipped with a 2.1 Megapixel 1/2.8" SONY lens achieving 1080p resolution at 30fps. It also includes a 10 x optical zoom, suited to support a room over 10 metres in length. Connected to your laptop it is compatible with any windows based or MAC OS based web conferencing software.

And our flexible mounting options will allow you to attach to a wall or simply stand the camera on a shelf.

The system supports up to three additional wireless microphones enabling you to reach all attendees without unsightly cables stretching over the conference table. Add our powerful soundbar and enjoy crystal clear audio output, guaranteeing all attendees understand every word. So the convene not only supports larger meeting rooms but those with unusual table configurations too.

KS-G1S set 8002

Convene 1 to 4

3x or 10x Zoom USB PTZ Huddle camera & wireless Speaker ...

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H1-HAM Set 2 800

Convene 4 to 12

3x or 10x Zoom USB PTZ Huddle camera 2x wireless Speaker ...

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KS-G3B-13M B 800

Convene 6 to 12+

3x or 10x Zoom USB PTZ Huddle camera Soundbar and up to 3x ...

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Tablet Front

All-in-One Meeting Room Touch Terminal

Android based wireless touch terminal & sound system to ...

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