Amplifiers - Edis Audio VisualAnalogue and digital amplifiers, in-wall, standalone or rack mounted for meeting rooms, classrooms, halls, pubs, places of worship and outdoor events. Power outputs 15 Watts to 2,000 Watts per channel

 We specialise in classroom and meeting room systems where sound quality is paramount to hear the teacher or presenter as well as larger systems for halls and events










EA35C In-wall Amplifier - Dual Gang

EA35C In-wall Classroom Amplifier - Dual Gang

In-wall classroom amplifier EA35C 30 Watt full stereo in ...

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EA1123 120 watt Stereo Power Amplifier

EA1123 240 Watt Stereo Power Amplifier

Rack mounted 2x 120 Watt Stereo Power Amplifier

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EA1124U Front Panel

EA1124 50 Watt mini stereo amplifier

EA1124 50 Watt stereo amplifier with USB, SD card and ...

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EA35B In-wall amplifier

In-wall Classroom Amplifier EA35B - Single Gang

In-wall Classroom amplifier EA35B Single Gang 30 Watt ...

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EA35A In-wall amplifier module

EA35A In-wall classroom amplifier module

The EA35 In-wall classroom amplifier module fits into the ...

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Lectern with amplifier

Lectern with Amplifier EA24

Lectern with amplifier - 60 Watt amplifier and speakers ...

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EA1168 Pro-Amplifier & Speaker Set

Live event and hall system, 2,000 Watt with rack mounted ...

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EA1172 Front

EA1172 Pro-Audio Power Amplifier

EA1172 Pro-Audio 2x 1,200-Watt Power Amplifier for large ...

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6 Ch Mixer Desk

6 Channel Mixer Desk

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EA1163 4x 150 Watt Digital Amplifier

EA1163 4x150 Watt 4 ohm or 4x75 Watt 8 ohm Digital ...

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Digital to Analogue Audio Convertor

Digital to Analogue Audio Convertor

Digital to Analog Audio Converter for either home or ...

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