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EC85 Sterile Keyboard

Sterile Computer Keyboard

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EC89 Clinical IR Thermometer

EC90 Clinical IR Digital Thermometer

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Dispenser 1

Digital Signage Sanitiser Dispenser

21.5 inch wall mount digital signage lcd advertising ...

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UV Robot

EC97 AV Disinfectant Robot

Automatic UV Disinfectant Robot for Hospital, Office, ...

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EC90 IR Digital Thermometer for Home

IR Digital Thermometer for Home use Forehead or Ear drum ...

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Digital Oximeter

EC91 Digital Pulse Oximeter

Digital Pulse Oximeter detects fatal signs of Coronavirus ...

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EC94 UV Sterilizer for Mobile Phone

Mobile phone, mask and small object UV sanitizer

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EC88 & EC135 UV Sanitiser Wand

Portable UV Wand disinfects Keyboards, Facemasks and much ...

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EC93 UV Steriliser Box

Disinfect hand bags, keys, mobile phone, masks etc

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Spray Robot

EC96 Disinfection Spray Robot

Automatic Robot for offices, schools, hospitals

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UV Robot3

EC95 UV Disinfection Robot

Automatic Robot for offices, schools, hospitals

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Acrylic Cough Guard

Acrylic cough guard complete with secure fixings

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Silicone Keyboard Cover

Water an dust proof PC and Laptop Keyboard Covers

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Waterproof Keyboard (Spanish)-800

Washable Waterproof Keyboards

Safe washable USB keyboards in a range of languages

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12 Litre Mist Blower 240v Backpack

Disinfection of Hospitals, Schools, Offices and Homes

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12v Sprayer

5 Litre Mist Blower 12v Battery

Handheld Disinfection of Hospitals, Schools, Offices and ...

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