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Mobile phone, mask and small object UV sanitizer
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Multi-function mobile phone UV sterilizer, for up to 6.5 inch mobile phones and other small items such as facemasks, jewelry that can be held in the box

Instructions for use:

  • Connect the Micro USB to USB-A cable to a compatible power source to turn on unit, once connected, buttons on the front will light up blue and voice function will say unit is on.
  • Place item to be sterilized into the unit, press the sterilization button on the front to begin. The progress lights will light up when the sterilization is 25%, 50%,75% and 100% completed. Voice functions will announce when sterilization has started and finished.
  • To use aromatherapy diffusor, simply drop preferred aroma into the diffusor inlet (3-5 drops recommended). Once the desired amount of aromatherapy is added, press the aromatherapy button to begin diffusing. The voice functions will announce that diffusing has started and finished.
  • The aromatherapy diffuser does not work while the sanitizer is in sterilization or charging mode. Safety Features:
  • Keep unit away from flame, water and corrosive chemicals.
  • Do not clean with organic solvent.
  • Do not stare at the ultraviolet lights.
Product Name Multi-Function UV Sterilizer Box
Item NO. EC 101
Color White 
Wave Length 253.7nm
Disinfection Time 5min 
Fragrance time 8min 
Device Size 180*105*30mm
PackingSize 225*125*53mm
Weight 508g
Charginger USB

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