Everything you need from Broadcast, Conferencing, All-in-One systems, Webcams, Audio together with the accessories needed plus technical and sales support to help you implement high quality solutions with ease

Complete range of pan/tilt/zoom, auto-tracking, auto-framing conference cameras, controllers, 360 degree audio systems or complete endpoint solutions to meet small huddle meetings or full conference meetings with 14 or more attendees or in schools, lecture theatres and places of worship

PTZ Cameras can connect in several ways, HDMI, SDI, USB, and IP but distance needs to be considered. HDMI cables can travel up to 50 feet or 16m without the need for extenders. SDI can send signals up to 1000 feet or′ 333m without any signal loss. USB is the most limited connection losing signal after just a few feet. Network cables for IP connections can reach up to 328 feet or 100 meters and NDI systems can operate and be controlled over the internet - NewTek NDI video standard allows cameras to send video, audio, and PTZ camera controls over a single ethernet cable.

PTZ Cameras available with the following features :

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