Prevent Damage to Your Phone or Tablet

Magnetic USB OTG Charging Cables prevent damage to connectors when recharging mobile phones and tablets - protecting against damage to your devices caused by regular connection and reconnection

Damage to the Micro USB connector on a mobile phone or tablet is a common, costly and infuriating problem, damage to the cable connector is also infuriating but not so expensive to replace. You can overcome both problems by using our Magnetic USB charging Cables

Children in particular may force the standard micro USB connector into the device the wrong way round damaging the connector in the process, our Magnetic charging cable is connected and disconnected very easily without causing any risk of damage

Protects Any Make of Phone or Tablet

Cable available in 1m and 2m lengths each kit supplied with three magnetic connectors for :


  • iphone,
  • micro usb,
  • type-c


Save money, time and effort 

Avoid damage to your "vulnerable" and valuable mobile phone or tablet using Magnetic USB Charging Cables