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Complete Mini-system - 5 Speaker Selector Zone Amplifier with CD Player, Mp3 Player and Tuner
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Ideal for schools


  • Built-in CD player, Mp3 player and Tuner
  • 5 Speaker selector zones
  • Microphone with priority over other inputs, one AUX input and Pre-Amplifier control
  • Standby power function
  • 4 inch LCD English display
  • Digital IR Remote Controller to program
  • Programmable - plays automatically at designated time with designated program
  • Each day MAX 80 step program
  • Bulit-in Mp3 Player's storage expandable to 1G, remote control by Remote Controller or manual operation. Max capacity to control 100 tunes
  • Built-in FM/AM Tuner, Max 50 channels storage and memory function, automatic
    or manual search function
  • Built-in CD player, supports DVD, VCD, CD, Mp3 format
  • Built-in 5 speaker selector zones, Microphone has priority over other inputs
  • Rated power from 60W-350W



Rated Power Ouput 60W/120W/240W/350W
Sensitivity -1V/0dBV
Damping 400
S/N Less than 105dB
Frequency Response 80-15KHz
Tuner AM Channel 522-1161Hz
Step Pace 9KHz
Tuner FM Channel 87-108Hz
Step Pace 50KHz
Distortion <0.6%
Speed Rate 70V/ms
Cooling Fan
Indicator Power, Signal, leak, protect, overload and high temperature
Protection AC fuse, short-circuit, clipping and high temperature
Power Supply 110-120V AC or 230-240V AC, 50-60Hz
Power Consumption 160W/220W/340W/450W
Dimensions(WxDxH) 484x420x132mm, 19", 3U Case
N.W. 14Kg/16Kg/20.6Kg/21.8Kg
G.W. 15.5Kg/17.6Kg/22.1Kg/23.8Kg

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