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Compact AV Faceplates with modular inputs
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Modular Single Gang FaceplateModular Single Gang Faceplate

Our single gang Compact Modular faceplate has all the connections usually found on a dual gang faceplate - a real bonus especially where space is limited and a compact looking faceplate is needed 

Single gang is standard 86x86mm UK/EU standard size, and the dual gang is standard UK 146x86 mm  with a large selection of AV modules/ back to back leads  to choose from - faceplates are available with or without backboxes

Modules without fly cables fit 83mm deep UK backboxes and trunking fittings. The modular faceplates with flyleads need a minimum backbox depth of 45mm

Modular connections are female to female for connecting cables with male connectors at either end including

  • HDMI
  • VGA
  • USB (A-B, A-A or A-B)
  • 2x RCA red & white
  • 1x RCA yellow
  • Mini jack audio
  • RJ45

 Available as a faceplate or as a cable kit with a cable set comprising a choice of cable types and lengths (see below) and a back box. The Edis backbox has a sliding cable entry to aid speedy installation and a better looking installation.

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