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Plug and Play cable kit with 2m, 5m, 10m, 15m cable sets including VGA, HDMI, Mini Jack, and RCA cables
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Our Plug-and-play cable kit for audio visual projector installs is available in two verions "Original" Male to Male and "New" Female to Male. Both have the same design of steel box with removeable lid and "knock outs" etc for cable entry at top, back and sides.

"Original" Female to Female Plug-and-play cable box (for standard Male to Male cables)  SKU 0080048

The "Original" design had female to female connectors and is supplied with the following plug and play connections for cables with male connectors :


  • 1xVGA Female to Female 15 pin HD connector
  • 1x 3.5mm mini jacks Female to Female bulkhead couplers
  • 1x RCA White Female to female bulkhead coupler for Audio
  • 1x RCA Red Female to female bulkhead coupler for Audio
  • 1x RCA Yellow Female to female bulkhead coupler for composite video
  • 1x USB A Female to B Female adaptor
  • HDMI bulkhead Female to Female adaptor
  • an RJ45 and/or S-Video connector  as available which fits into knock-out but is an optional item that needs to be specified in your purchase order


The "New" Male to Female Plug-and-play cable box design uses standard Fast-install cable sets - no need to stock extra cables if you already buy "Fast-install" -  male to female connectors enable the standard Fast-install cabes to fit directly onto new style male connectors. SKU 0080047

Just order Female to Female  (SKU 0080048) or Female to Male (SKU 0080047) connectors as you require

"New" Female to Male (for Fast-install cables)

Dimensions : 18.7x11.6x5 cm

Plug and Play cable box and Audio Visual Cables are supplied in a "gift" box cardboard carton with handle in 2m, 3m, 5m, 10m or 15 metre combinations



Other combinations of cables and connectors are available please ask for more information

A 2m connection kit is available to connect equipment to the Plug and Play Cable Box see below

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