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Convert Mini Jack to 6.3mm Jack
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Mini jack to 6.3mm audio jack convertorMini jack to 6.3mm audio jack convertor






The stereo adapter is for converting a 6.35mm port to standard 3.5mm stereo port or vice versa. These type of connectors can also be referred to TRS or Tip Ring Sleeve.






1 x 3.5mm jack-to-6.3mm jack adapter.Typically used to connect a pair of headphones with a 6.3mm port to a device with a mini-jack headphone output, or a microphone with a 6.3mm port to a device with a 3.5mm jack microphone input.







This Aadpter provides enhanced signal transfer, provides a better conductivity and quality for guitar, bass, or other instruments playing





audio adapter

Connector A

6.35mm Male Stereo Audio Jack

Connector B

3.5mm Female Audio Port


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