Clear call, strong recovery ability

With broadband noise reduction ability, easy to restore the call effect, keep the sound quality clearer. Efficient communication, easy to deal with in office.Mute button is designed to adjust the volume, which is convenient for wearing when working or studying.


EC134LS 08

EC134LS 03




Free rotation of straw, rotating design and arbitrary bending, earphone microphone can effectively shield background noise, hd calls at the same time to give you a more comfortable wearing feelings.





High quality manganese steel headlines, adapt to the size of the head, arbitrary expansion without scraping hands, reduce oppression, easy to adjust. Breathable and comfortable, round 3D cutting earmuffs, effective sound insulation, reduce leakage, built-in high-quality sponge earmuffs, durable use is not deformation.

EC134LS 01



EC134LS 09

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