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Trrack and Frame camera cart with touchscreen for Zoom & Teams
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The Edis Track and Frame Camera Cart with AI camera including microphone, touchscreen with sound is specifically designed for the hybrid classroom using Skype, Zoom or Teams.

As teacher you control the remote learning group as you can hear and see them on the monitor and at the same time you can present lessons to  students in the classroom (and record lessons too).



class webcam

 Our track and frame cameras offer a choice of AI hand controls or facial recognition control to suit your environment and best method of working.


The cameras have built-in microphones and follow the presenter's actions using the track and frame function to create an excellent learning environment without any technical intervention needed by others.


The cart is adjustable and is ideally set along the line of sight between teacher and students in the classroom to give the best learning outcome with camera height of about 1 metre.




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The 24" touchscren with built-in PC Win 10 or Android CPU connects via WiFi to the internet for connection to students working from home.

Only one power cable needed yo start a remote hybrid distance learning session.


The use of interactive whiteboards, chalk boards or touchscreens can be used in the normal way as a teacher would in lessons


An unobtrusive plug and play solution for hybrid learning without the hassle of controlling cameras or microphones that distract the teaching process.


The cart is mobile so is easy to position, can be used in different locations (not confined to one classroom) and then stored away safety when not in use.

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