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Workbook - independent interactive teaching software for Interactive Whiteboards and Touchscreen displays
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With Workbook in the classroom you can mould your interactive whiteboard or touch screen into the exciting and collaborative space you’ve always wanted.

Workbook interactive teaching software is a advanced, creative easy to use teaching tool, Create a space where you can combine all your resources, to develop lesson activities and classroom sessions. Workbook includes basic text and shape creation, annotation, video, flash, sound files, multi-linking brain-storming diagrams, page management, images, and an in-built web browser.


  • Workbook - designed and developed for teachers.
  • Easy to use media search tool provides access to millions of online images and videos - you are not limited by resource libraries provided by the vendor
  • Web browser resource finder puts the internet right there on your Workbook page with filtered copyright free, approved for schools and appropriate for the classroom
  • Customisable and maneuverable toolbars make Workbook ideal for any sized touch screen or user.
  • Stream multiple live feeds directly onto the workbook page (web cams, digital cameras, document cameras..) for science, drama and presentation skills
  • Complete with the standard tools needed for IWB: spotlight, magnifier, full screen, screen capture, screen annotate etc
  • Complete with drawing tools: cropping, transparency tool, and format painter
  • Import SMART Notebook files - enormous library of lesson plans on-line (see SMART Notebook demo above)
  • Vendor independent - use with any make of whiteboard or touch screen or touch device…
  • Multi-touch touchscreen technology with Windows 7 (multi-touch technology allows more than one fingerpress at a time similar to the Apple iPhone)




Resource search tool

With Workbook's resource search tool instantly search multiple web images and video sources for the media for your topic in one easy to use window. Select the image/video you want and drag it onto your page. No need to spend hours searching and downloading thousands of resources to get the few images that you want.




Create unique mindmaps on your Workbook page with special Workbook "connectors". You can create concept or mind maps using text, images, media, shapes, headings, with links to webpages, links to other pages, and much more.. The easy to use connector lines make it easy to connect objects and show relationships and flow on effects, whilst providing for the ability easily to collapse and expand mindmaps.



Workbook’s connection feature provides users with the ability to instantly create their own mindmaps. Connection provides users with the ability to link all objects on a page (ideas, text, pictures etc..). These links can be collapsed and expanded to show flow on effects. The objects can also be moved around a page without losing their linkage.


Workbook Web browser

The inbuilt browser lets you search and copy content from the net, whilst still on a Workbook page. You can embed YouTube videos a unique feature of Workbook



Multiple Live feeds

With Workbook’s live feed tool, you can connect to multiple live feed devices (such as document cameras, web cams, digital cameras, etc..) and have them simultaneously streaming onto your workbook page. You can record, take snapshots, and even pause the feeds.


Teacher's input

Workbook’s creation, development, and ongoing maturity has been driven by continuing teacher feedback. We listen to what teachers want and we got three very clear messages :

  • Freedom to use the software on any board or touch screen device. 
  • Full ownership of content created,
  • Customisable interface


.... what you identified is what Workbook delivers.



A unique feature of Workbook is its customisable menu. Custom classroom layouts can be created so that teachers have instant access to resources, favourite utilities etc right from the lesson work area.


Don’t get Locked in!

The Workbook is the antidote to competitors' lock-in strategies. Your documents and content are your own. While other software is licensed for use with only the brands hardware, the 2Touch Workbook is freely available to all organisations and is licensed for use by staff (and students) associated with the organisation.



If teachers find themselves in a new classroom, with a different brand of whiteboard or touch screen, you can still use Workbook. There are no restrictions you can use Workbook on any device We don’t restrict you; you create the content, you keep the content!

Workbooks comprehensive whiteboarding functions and customising ability helps organisations that want to make content from their networks easier to access from the classroom. 

Contact here for 2Touch Workbook software. Download a 30 day free trial, which converts to a permanent licence on registering Workbook. EdisAV customers for interactive whiteboards and touch screen displays are entitled to free registration.

alt WorkBook software is distributed by EdisAV