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Hand held voting system for classroom, meetings and auditoriums using your own hand held device
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Xorro-Q is a unique response solution that provides presenters and organisers with the ability to question participants without the need to distribute handheld devices, and can be used in small group training sessions or in a large auditorium of 200 people or more.

Xorro is a web based question system where participants can login using any internet enabled device such as an iPad,  tablet, smart phone or laptop.  They answer questions in different formats including a basic A, B, C style or with full text answers.  

Questions can be created on the fly, or setup beforehand using the session leader's own web facilitator page.  The facilitator page allows the question creator to create the questions, review the results from previous sessions, as well as decide when they want the questions to become live.  If the questions are part of an organisation wide survey, then the question creator can choose to have the questions running for an extended period.


Xorro solutions enable better learning outcomes from groups


Xorro solutions add value wherever groups come together to learn.

Xorro solutions are used to engage and involve audiences in classrooms, lecture theaters, training rooms and virtual spaces.

Flexibility and ease are fundamentals to us.You'll find that Xorro solutions fit in easily with your existing choices of hardware and software.



Xorro-Q is..


Perfect for group brainstorming, audience polling, surveys and assessments.

Using Xorro-Q's simple on-screen dashboard, a teacher, trainer or presenter can instantly invite audience participation.

Participants can receive questions on any browser-capable device: mobile phones, ipads, tablets, laptops etc. Responses are instantly available to display, or to drag-and-drop into other setting.