Portable Electric Electrostatic Sprayer Fogger for Disinfection of Hospitals Schools, Offices and Homes 


  • 7 Litre capacity with versions for 110v  USA and 220v in EU and UK with appropriate plugs
  • Very efficicient can spray 1,000 square metres in 10 minutes with a capacity  equivalent to 140 classsrooms in a school
  • The centrifugal rotating sprayer results in no blocking with adjustable droplet size
  • Suitable for use in public places such as stations, airports, restaurants, shopping centres, offices, schools, public streets, poultry housing etc etc 
  • Reinforced plastics steel hose
  • Anti-scald handle
  • Thick PE container material ensures long life without cracking 
  • Spray distance 8+ metres
  • Power cord length 5 metres
  • Earth leak detection and resettable safety trip mechanism on power cord
  • CE tested and certified


7L desc

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