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Wall mounted Smart Domestic EV Charger with socket or tethered cable, WiFi, RFID and support OCPP server
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The Edis EV99 charger is a smart device using either a mobile phone APP, OCPP via WiFi or RFID card  You can set the current from 6A to 32A、Set the charging time to suit Economy 7 or Government limited hours. The charger is available with socket for separate charger cable (often supplied by the vehicle manufacturer) or with a tethered 5 metre charging cable.


EV Charger 32A 7.2 Kw with socket 14





Security features of the Wallbox:
1. Double leakage protection (main board leakage detection protection)
2. Double Lightning Protection (Professional SPD+Lightning Protection Circuit)
3. Emergency stop button 
4. Over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature protection
5. Power failure data record
6. Surge protection meets latest IEC 61851 standard


EV Charger 32A 7.2 Kw with socket 03



EV Charger 32A 7.2 Kw with socket 09






Intelligent chipset automatically adjusts the current by communicating with the Electric Vehicle's computer system to safely supply the required current. Our charger features a real time data screen that displays relevant information, such as current, voltage, Kilowatts, temperature, WIFI Signal etc.








Charger with rain protection for outdoor use

EV Charger 32A 7.2 Kw with socket 115




Full Mobile App Display (IOS) controls operation of the charger


EV Charger 32A 7.2 Kw with socket 13


Easy to use at home or at commercial providers, home parking, charging station, bus stop, roadside temporary parking charging, etc.

EV Charger 32A 7.2 Kw with socket 16


Current From 6A to 32A
Voltage 110-230V AC
Power Max 7.2KW
Input/out Put 50HZ / 60HZ
A plug  Comply with IEC 62196-2 2010 standard
Function Set the current and reserve charging time
IP65  ( Outside )
Operating temperature -30 ℃ ~ + 50℃
Certificate CE, TUV
Cable length Usually 5m, max length is 8m
OCPP server Supports OCPP server



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