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Flatscreen Wall Stand EM16
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Touchscreen Wall Mount


Two version of the Edis EM16 84" Flatscreen Wall Stand is adjustable to either 1.2m or 1.6m with optional faceplate for cable connections

Provides safe environment where wall fixing alone is suspect due to stud or plasterboard wall or unsafe plaster and brick walls

There are a selection of Edis soundbars available for this classroom and meeting room system to suit your room size, technical requirements and budgets together with other accessories

Most Classroom touchscreens installations have two design defects

  1. the touchscreens are heavy and extremely dangerous for the teacher and children if the wall mount is not secure
  2. the sound systems are inadequate for classrooms (power often less than 10 watts with side or rear facing speakers designed only for family tv in a "small" living room)

the Edis Touchscreen Wall Stand solves these two design faults with

  1. secure wall and floor mounting
  2. optional front facing, powerful soundbar with correct level and frequency response for young listeners

Two versions are available comprising an Aluminium column with steel floor plate and wall brackets with a universal flatscreen mount that can be adjusted up to a height of either 1.2 metres or 1.6 metres. Options include soundbar brackets and integral faceplate for cabling